Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"The Skipper's Child" written by Valerie Poore (my book review February 2010)


last week I started with reading the new book written by Val (Valerie Poore). Good we had bad weather with a lot of snow here, so I could read every evening and yesterday night I finished "The Skipper's Child".

It's a book written for these winter days.
The novel started at 21. December 1962. The story is about a young boy called Arie and he spent his school holidays together with his both sisters on their parents barge (the Rival). The barge is on her way from Gent (Belgium) to France ...
I do not want to write about the story, because I hate accurate book contents. Every one should read it by himself. Only some words about. It's a mystery story and a book about familie life.

Val's book is written so great and I was dunking in the deep of the words and the story. It was if I reside on this barge, but I never stood on one. I saw the waterways and the snow on the boat. Very good was the writing about the familie solidarity. The cohabitate of the three kids and their parents on the limitedness on a barge. I love this book and it's written in an awesome speech. Hope it will find a lot of readers. It's a very exciting book and if you start, you will go on and on.

If you will buy the "Skipper's Child" enjoy the reading.

Bist wishes
Stefan xx