Sunday, May 28, 2006


this will be my first writing and I hope to write regular. Today it's sunday and I have some free time. I listen to the music of Laura Pausini (fantastic italian voice). The other music I listened today was Pete Townshend and some WHO. This will be a great summer. I bought tickets to see THE WHO in Berlin and one week later in Ulm.
I saw THE WHO several times in Germany and the UK and Pete Townshend solo with Lifehouse at Sadlers Wells in London. This was a great evening, because I like his music with a classic orchestra. After the show I had the chance to get an autograph by himself and I could speak some few words with him.
From the early WHO shows I made some pictures and I hope to show some in my blog, but I must find a way to make a copy from my original film negatives in digital. We will see. All best wishes from here.