Thursday, July 11, 2013

Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend (Wembley Arena 8th July 2013)

Roger Daltrey
Pete Townshend
All rights reserved
Copyright © Stefan Schaetzky (8th July 2013, LONDON)


At 12:24 pm, July 12, 2013 , Blogger Val Poore said...

Brilliant photos, Stefan, but then you know that :-) How was the concert itself?

At 3:09 pm, July 12, 2013 , Blogger Anne-Marie said...

You take such fantastic photos, Stefan. What did you think of the Quad show?

At 3:46 pm, July 12, 2013 , Blogger bookworm said...

Hi, Val and Anne-Marie, the show was great and Pete and Roger in a fantastic mood. We had floor tickets for row 12 on Pete's side. The gigs in London are always better as in Germany. You can feel it's her hometown. The show was filmed and I hope they will it bring out in the future. Stefan xx

At 6:30 am, July 15, 2013 , Blogger grace said...

They've hd a good time on this tour. Brill shots


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