Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hattler "The Kite"

Today I will write about the new "Hattler" record.

Hellmut Hattler is one of the greatest German bass players and I follow his music since years.
Very often I saw him live. ("Kraan", "Tab Two" "Hattler" and "Siyou'nHell").
The next time I will see him and his band live autumn 2013.

Last Tuesday I ordered his new record "The Kite".

I got the CD one day later.  Back at home, after work, I startet at once my CD player and turn up the volume. The first song, the titel track "The Kite" startet with the bass and there was it, the unmistakable Hattler rhythm. You can't stand still, if you hear this record. The CD is very diversified. Instrumental songs and  some with "Fola Dada" on vocals. Joo Kraus ("Tab Two") played trumpet on four songs. It's not only a jazz album. You can find parts of jazz with a mix of electronic music.
My favorite song is "Nirvana Club".

It's not easy to describe Hellmut Hattler's music. I can say, if I listen I be in a good temper. The best is the drifty rhythm. It's a facileness how the music fly out of the speakers and fill in the room. The production is very well and you can hear every individual instrument.

I only can say, go and buy this CD. If not, you will miss a great record. Already the artwork is fantastic and I promise, if you own this CD you will play the songs very often.
I think "The Kite" is my the record of the year and deserved to be sell very often.

Stefan xx


At 7:34 am, June 30, 2013 , Blogger Val Poore said...

Sounds great Stefan! I have never heard of him, but then I don't listen to much new music these days. I hope he has great success though - he certainly has a big fan in you :)

At 12:43 am, July 03, 2013 , Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for this Stefan. I am going to go have a listen on youtube and give it a shot. Always looking for new music.


At 5:29 am, July 03, 2013 , Blogger grace said...

I love the art work.
I should really get his CD, you have mentioned so many times and I have checked out all the links you send.
I do like his music that you have shared.


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