Saturday, March 02, 2013


Hi my friends,
for a while I stopped to write and I removed all old posts, because some concert pictures were stolen. I found pictures without my name on other sides. This is something I hate. I try to start again and I will show concert pics only in black and white. It could be I stop again, but at this moment I will go on.
We will see us soon.
Stefan S xx


At 4:25 am, March 03, 2013 , Blogger grace said...

Oh Stefan, so sorry to hear your pictures were stolen.
That happened to me at FB with my Ocean photos = that is why I stopped posting personal photos there.

So disappointing that people have to "steal". I would be careful with your photos, your photography is brilliant and should only be shown by you.


At 4:27 am, March 03, 2013 , Blogger grace said...

ps: good thing you found out that your photos were being stolen and used elsewhere. How did you ever find that out? in this worldwide web.

At 6:51 am, March 03, 2013 , Blogger Val Poore said...

That's such a shame Stefan, Maybe the people who used them didn't know they were not free to use. If you google images of something, it often brings up blog pics. It's not always clear what is copyable and what isn't, so maybe you could put a copyright symbol and your name on photos that you publish.

Somebody once sent me one of my own photos hed' "found on the net" as an example of a type of boat he wanted to show me. That was funny! I personally don't mind, but your concert photos may be worth selling, so for you it's different.


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